Inspiration and other illusive things

Click image for link to John Copeland’s site

My friend Kelly Kilmer mentionned several weeks ago the fabulous collection of images from John Copeland available for purchase in a book. Being the book whore that I am, I immediately ordered it and then waited… and waited… and… well, you get the idea. It finally arrived today and I must say, it was worth the wait… it’s f’n awesome! Much smaller than I’d imagined it would be, it was produced in a sort of catalog format in conjunction with his September 10, 2004 exhibit at the 31Grand Street gallery in NYC. As Kelly had mentioned in her post previously, it is textured, layered, raw. I can definitely see Barron Storey’s influence in John’s books of journals.

And, if I wasn’t so damned flattened from my day of work, I’d pull out a journal and have at it… but sleep beckons instead. The 5:30AM alarm will ring before I know it…


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