Daily Archives: 10 . April . 2007

TMI but sharing anyway…

Well I’m sitting here, in all my glory, body wrapped in a towel and hair turbaned, waiting to hear from my doctor’s office. I’m trying to get in for an appointment today, but I may end up slugging it out at the walk-in clinic, if they can’t squeeze me in today.

Yesterday I got news that I was anemic (9.4 hemoglobin count) and judging by the amounts of ice cubes I’ve been inspired to chew on lately, that was not such a great surprise. I’m also at 41 days since my last, well, you know… and so there’s something wigging out with my hormones I’m thinking. And finally there’s that nagging, dull ache that I’ve had on my right side, just under the bottom part of my rib cage… it’s been a little over a week and shows no sign of abating, so perhaps it is tied in to all of the other goings-on of my body as of late.

Guess I should brew a pot of coffee, since I haven’t had any yet today… If I was the least bit energetic, I’d tackle some more of my tax stuff, or write something (other than this blog)… something grand and inspiring.