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So… here we go again…

Performance anxiety and the blank sheet…

I’ve printed out all of the reference images that I intend to use for my “colors of India” piece/postcards. Again, I plan on using a larger sized 400lb watercolor paper sheet and cutting into nine pieces once I’m done. My pens and pencils are at their ready and yet I’ve been circling the table warily, not quite ready to get started. You know I’ll feel a sudden rush of inspiration at 9PM tonight, after an afternoon of birthday partying with a pack of eleven year old boys at Boomers, just minutes shy of my bedtime, don’t you? Yes… of course.

Instead of sitting down at the table, I’ve been surfing the ‘net and ogling other people’s work… reading little snippets of book reviews and excerpts on Amazon… looking for an elusive csoki csucs recipe… and have finally decided that I must categorize and itemize my watercolors and gouache on an Excel spreadsheet, and perhaps make a run to Sterling Art to fill in some (if any) gaps I have in my colors. Alas… my large Ziplock bag of paints is calling…

As IF I needed another book, but OH well…

My friend Kelly Kilmer mentioned how much she’s been lusting for this book, which I’ve been wanting as well. The great hype surrounding its release (well, I suppose “hype” is perhaps a strong word for the rest-of-the-world, but if you are a couple of graphic novel geeks like Kelly and I — heheheh… sorry Kelly… I called you a geek, it’s been a long-anticipated, much-awaited tome) has had me in stitches. I finally checked out Carl Wyckaert’s blog and contacted him to see if I could order a copy. Yaaaay! Success! And so… one “Life After Black” Barron Storey book soon to be in my hot little hands. And… to add to the madness, I couldn’t resist a set of the limited edition prints

Color Postcards Gallery

click on image to view photo gallery

I finally mailed out my RED (Mar. 1st) and Turquoise-Brown (Apr. 1st) postcards today. I didn’t take any photos of the postcards after my completed pieces were cut up into sections, so all of the postcards in the gallery (when you click the photo above) will be of others’ work that I received in this exchange since January. The next color (my theme, “colors of India”) is due out on May 1st. I’ll get started on them this weekend and see how much I can get done. I’m aiming for mailing out next Saturday, the fifth of May.

Living in the O.C.

Boys ‘n toys… (can you say… “would you please donate one of these toward a mortgage so I can stop leasing?”)

So, I stumbled through my work day today, the prospect of attending the Orange County Writers’ Forum meeting tonight at Barnes & Noble over at the Spectrum the worm at the end of the line. I arrived at the proper time, ready for a cup of coffee to fuel me through the meeting, and chatted with the two other members who had shown up. I’m committing to two (you’ve read it here folks, it’s official…) hours per two days a week to my writing beginning May 1st.

While I was at the meeting, Steve and Gabriel had dinner at Panda Express, which also happens to be right next to where the valet parking is for that side of the mall… witness the car$ pictured above… the first one a blue Lamborghini, of which only a smidgen is visible (price tag: $200-300K), then a (what’s that? it’s called a what? thank goodness for men…) Ferrari Enzo (with a ticket price of between $1,000,000 and $1,500,000) and a (and what’s the next one called? I knew they were useful for something…) Mercedes McLaren (costing something over $600K). In any case, there were apparently throngs of people filing out of neighbouring establishments with their cellphones at the ready in order to snap pictures of these things. Wonder if they were all just picking up some Chinese take-out too…?

Turquoise & brown… almost done

Watercolor on 400lb cold press Arches paper…
Still a work-in-progress… but closer to being done

The latest development on my turquoise-brown postcards. I think I’ll be doctoring up two of the nine cards once they’re cut up, but I think I’m done painting now. It’s funny… I just get bored with something and even though it’s not ‘zactly perfect, I’m ready to move on to something else. As my friend Sanaz from work would say: “It is what it is…”

Oh… the souffles never happened, but I did make some kick-ass crepes on Sunday morning for me and Gabriel. 🙂

Neeeeeeext… turquoise & brown

Watercolor on 400lb cold press Arches paper…
Another work-in-progress

I’ve started on the next postcards (which should have gotten out on or around the 1st of April already *sigh*). I don’t believe in making excuses, just on making good, so I’m working to catch up on the postcard production process this weekend. I’d intended to go to the Griffith Observatory for a jaunt, but have changed my mind… will to it some other time instead. I think we’ll play catch up this weekend… Gabriel on his homework and I on my art projects and things. I picked up some little ramekins the other day at Crate & Barrel and have decided to experiment with making a souffle… should be interesting… potentially disasterous… potentially delicious… it’s a 50-50 toss up.

Walking in L.A.

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I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but Erin Mahoney’s book Walking L.A.: 36 Walking Tours Exploring Stairways, Streets and Buildings You Never Knew Existedis fabulous. My friend Bonnie and I decided to do Walk 16 today, starting at Hancock Park and the La Brea Tar Pits. We scaled the Page Museum’s steps onto the roof top terrace and surveyed the area. I was surprised by its airy quality, feeling as if it was floating. We peeked in to the museum really quickly and decided to return on our way back so that I could pick up a few things, particularly the largest and coolest mug I’ve seen in a while.

The book suggested a stop at Mani’s along Fairfax, so Bonnie and I sat down for a cup of coffee, some healthy desserts and a chat. The cherry-apple turnover I had was wonderful, but Bonnie’s chocolate almond mousse cake was so good, I almost regretted not picking that instead of the turnover.

I’d recently visited the Farmer’s Market with Pascale and Co., so it didn’t hold anything of great interest for me, and Bonnie was not all that interested in the shops so we quickly walked through that part of the trek and onto the next, which took us past Pan Pacific Regional Park and up to Beverly Blvd. We went into the Erewhon Natural Foods Market in search of some bandaids for my ailing right heel. Every time I wear these darned shoes (purchased at the Walking Company, no less), I get fantastic blisters on my right heel! The box of bandaids was $5 and not large enough to really be effective, so I decided to ignore the smarting heel and walk on. We poked into a photography gallery along Beverly Blvd. and continued on to Vista and Martel avenues. The houses were so quaint that I couldn’t resist snapping some photos.

Back at the start of the walk again, we stopped at the Museum shop so that I could pick up the coveted mug. I also picked up a few items for Gabriel, who had decided that he wanted to go to the skatepark instead (more on that later). As we passed by the L.A. County Museum of Art for the second time I decided that I would have to make a return trip just to see the museums and the galleries along this stretch.

We were hungry for some food and decided to drive to Little Ethiopia and stop by for a late lunch/early dinner at one of the restaurants that lined Fairfax. Across the street from the restaurant was a shoe store where I finally ditched my implements of torture masquerading as shoes and purchased some $10 slip-ons. The restaurant competition appeared to be stiff as there were several establishments side-by-side and across the street from each other. Interesting food… I liked the spices but the meat we had was tough, and the slightly sour flavor of the flatbread and the dumplings left me nonplussed.

I arrived minutes before Steve and Gabriel showed up, coming home from the Etnies skate park in Lake Forest. There’s a good reason why a) they make you suit up in protective gear and b) make you sign disclaimers prior to setting wheels in the park. Gabriel took a spill and banged his chin in one of the concrete bowls and his chin was lumpy, discolored (and apparently sore). So… we spent three hours in the Hoag emergency room waiting for a set of mandibular x-rays to be taken, to make sure nothing was broken (and it wasn’t–phew!).

Inspiration and other illusive things

Click image for link to John Copeland’s site

My friend Kelly Kilmer mentionned several weeks ago the fabulous collection of images from John Copeland available for purchase in a book. Being the book whore that I am, I immediately ordered it and then waited… and waited… and… well, you get the idea. It finally arrived today and I must say, it was worth the wait… it’s f’n awesome! Much smaller than I’d imagined it would be, it was produced in a sort of catalog format in conjunction with his September 10, 2004 exhibit at the 31Grand Street gallery in NYC. As Kelly had mentioned in her post previously, it is textured, layered, raw. I can definitely see Barron Storey’s influence in John’s books of journals.

And, if I wasn’t so damned flattened from my day of work, I’d pull out a journal and have at it… but sleep beckons instead. The 5:30AM alarm will ring before I know it…

TMI but sharing anyway…

Well I’m sitting here, in all my glory, body wrapped in a towel and hair turbaned, waiting to hear from my doctor’s office. I’m trying to get in for an appointment today, but I may end up slugging it out at the walk-in clinic, if they can’t squeeze me in today.

Yesterday I got news that I was anemic (9.4 hemoglobin count) and judging by the amounts of ice cubes I’ve been inspired to chew on lately, that was not such a great surprise. I’m also at 41 days since my last, well, you know… and so there’s something wigging out with my hormones I’m thinking. And finally there’s that nagging, dull ache that I’ve had on my right side, just under the bottom part of my rib cage… it’s been a little over a week and shows no sign of abating, so perhaps it is tied in to all of the other goings-on of my body as of late.

Guess I should brew a pot of coffee, since I haven’t had any yet today… If I was the least bit energetic, I’d tackle some more of my tax stuff, or write something (other than this blog)… something grand and inspiring.