Okay, so I’ve been quiet…

Our little tourist group, on Hollywood Blvd., following a brush with
Al Pacino in the Marmont stairwell (the irony is not lost on me that we
left the “real” star to gaze at the symbolic ones embedded into the street)
click on image to see the rest of the photos

…but I have a perfectly good excuse. Apart from entertaining my out-of-town visitors, the day they left I came down with a whopper of a flu, with 103+ fever and all that jazz. It took three days of bed rest and several more days of not a whole lot of activity to get back to some semblance of health… now my neck is spasming and the only thing that helps at the moment is a half a tablet of hydrocodone taken every six hours or so.

More photos (and blogging) to follow this weekend.

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