Killing time…

Has it been 35 years already?!

Well, this evening my friend Pascale (the gal on the right in the photo up top), her two boys and her niece were to arrive from Montreal for a one week visit. However, after watching the pending departures and arrivals of the Dorval airport (pardon me, it is now called the “Pierre-Elliott Trudeau International Airport”… why do they do that… rename things? Like renaming Dorchester Blvd. to Boul. René Lévesque. I could never get my mouth to wrap around that. But I digress…) on my computer at work between secretarial-like activities, I came to realize very early in the day that there was a huge likelihood that I’d be waiting at least another day for their arrival.

Yes, well… Pascale was to arrive just shy of 8PM but many in-bound and out-bound flights were falling like flies into “cancelled” status as I looked on this morning at both the airport and the airline sites. I was waiting for a call from her, which finally came around 3:30 this afternoon, letting me know that, hey, they weren’t going to be arriving tonight. Bah humbug! They managed to re-book with a Monday afternoon arrival, and would be here next weekend (instead of leaving on Friday afternoon-yay!). Pascale’s birthday is on March 10th, so we will be able to celebrate it together, something we haven’t done in a verrrrry long time. You see, she and I (and Josée, the other gal pictured in the above photo) have been friends for–count ’em–35 years. We saw the best (and worst, mostly them, watching me, in the latter case) of each other’s evolution throughout the years, and I am thankful for having friends that I’ve known for such a huge segment of my life, what I like to dub seeing me through “all the colors of Adriane”… although they call me Andréanne, my Franco nickname that was as close as I could easily get to Adriane translated into French.

So tonight, while catching up on emails, ‘web surfing and blog posting, I decided that I would sign up for a Keanu Reeves fansite. Why? Beats the heck out of me… but being the fan with a huuuuge closet crush (well, not so closet… even my husband knows how LARGE my crush on Keanu is…), I figured it couldn’t hurt to see others, in action, with similar if not bigger crushes and, oddly, feel comforted by this fact. In any case, I’ve signed up… instead of doing other “should do” things, like working on my color postcards, which were supposed to be mailed out yesterday, and on my burgeoning story, for which I know have a great plotting tip to work with, thanks to Maureen Meehan Aplin, whose booksigning I went to earlier this week (see my earlier post).

I’ve also been waiting for hear from the Orange County Writers’ Forum, whom I emailed immediately that evening, after attending Marueen’s book signing at Borders, but my email box remains obstinately devoid of any news from them. Just when I thought I was building up some momentum to my motivation… *sigh* Ah well… it just proves, once again, how little time o’ day we give to each other, poor saps that we are.

And so… with that in mind, I’m going to go pour myself a shot glass of cognac… no, wait… maybe some slivovic will be more fitting… raise my glass in a toast and drink to my parents, who I imagine, even in their afterlife, are still gathered around somewhere in the neterworld (not so far from us, really) and looking down at me and calling me a “bolond picsa”… but chidingly, in a loving sort of way (and no, I will not provide a translation if you do not know what that means)… and drink to our health, since if nothing else, they taught me (and semi-successfully the two gals previously mentioned) how to down a shot “like a man”… unflinchingly, with aplomb and a dash of bravado (though I was by far the most successful of the three of us in this endeavor). Szerbusz!

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