Birthday celebration(s) in review…

Moleskine journal entry – Pencil sketch of the livingroom at the Chateau Marmont

Party’s over… not that there was much of a party, but I definitely rung in the new year of my birth in style. I went to see David Lynch and Donovan at the Kodak Theatre. The theatre is impressive with its central spiral staircase and the architectural elements it comprises of. The event itself was interesting, though not quite what I’d imagined. David was introduced and the format for his portion was basically a Q&A session collected from various audience members and written onto index cards. Laura Dern joined him on stage to ask the questions. A pianist, whose name I can’t remember, interpreted each question and response musically, stroking the keys in tiny little snippets. The questions (and their respective answers) were rather repetitive, and mostly quite evasive. David was quite funny… warm… real. He seems to be a delightful man… I’d love my own Q&A session with him, one-on-one.

On the other hand, Donovan was quite phenomenal. He spoke a little of his background, of the evolution of events that led him to TM and how it affected his life and more specifically his music. Then he played… a lot! It was quite wonderful. I noted his green guitar and the stag image on it. He also quite gleefully greeted “all the witches” in the audience right before he played “Season of the Witch” which was met with whoops from some of the audience members. Interesting… perhaps he is a TMer with a penchant for wicca?

In any case, the concert was the highlight of my evening. Afterwards I cabbed it to the Chateau Marmont for a very late dinner. The osso bucco and the gingerbread cake with poached pear and whipped marscarpone (along with the glass of muscat) that I had were phenomenal.

I wasn’t in the mood to get to sleep immediately afterwards and ended up watching a Naruto movie on DVD which one of my co-workers (thanks Henry! *smiles*) gave me… it’s a Japanese movie (with English subtitles) called Naruto and the Snow Princess. A bit different than the TV show (I was pretty impressed at the lack of “censorship” in that Kakashi Sensei at some point says “Oh shit!”). I am definitely a cartoon geek, my current favorites being Naruto and The Avatar.

The next morning my friend Kelly Kilmer and I met for a breakfast at the Marmont, taking up residence on one of the sofas in the “living room” to exchange our Christmas gifts (and I got my birthday presents as well). Amazingly enough, we both purchased things for each other without duplicating anything, which is saying a lot (since both of us are absolute *ahem* book whores). I scored big time… the whole “Black Orchid” comic series, minus an issue here and there… Barron Storey’s 1996 Watch Annual… the three issues of the “Death” series… the Japanese version of Yoshitaka Amano’s “Fairies” book, which I’ve picked up and put back down countless times at the book store.

After parting ways with Kelly, the rest of my day was spent slumming with the Hollywood crowd in the Marmont “living room,” typing away at my story on the laptop. I am such a slow writer. I suppose we all work differently. I have to carefully churn the words around in my mind and come up with a perfect turn of phrase. It will take me an eternity to write out this story, but oh well! Kelly read the stuff I’d had in the morning and was quite impressed (and I don’t think she was just being polite, but perhaps).

While I took up residence there, a fellow came in with two men, looking for a place to settle into. He was also accompanied by the largest black wiry-haired dog I’d ever seen. “Miniature horse” were words that entered my mind. They found a good spot and sat down; the dog seemed to have disappeared. Throughout the afternoon while I was banging away at my story, these folks were in talks discussing what I’d assumed to be a movie project of some kind. The theme of the story they were discussing was very similar to something that I am working on, only my treatment is going to be different than what they are planning. In any case, after their meeting was adjourned, the fellow with the dog came over to me, asking “Would you like to meet George?” Sure I would… George (the dog) sauntered over and proffered his tail end for a rub. I obliged, to which I was told that the dog dug me because he only did that if he liked you. Phew… what a relief! Wouldn’t it be nice if all humans did this? How much simpler life would be. (“Hello! You smell good and I like you… would you rub my rump please?”) In any case, George’s owner, Steve, introduced himself by his first name and I have no idea who he was in the big picture of things. And I’m a big picture person if there ever was one.

Afterwards, I went over to Book Soup for some perusing and whiled away some time. For dinner I had decided on eating at Le Clafoutis. I must admit, I was somewhat disappointed in the food. I ordered a chicken with penne dish… the chicken was diced into these tiny little cubes and appeared to be pan-fried; the penne was in a lemon creme sauce. Not bad, but the chicken really threw me for a loop… the whole dish tasted somewhat fatty and despite the lemony sauce, very… indistinct and rather unmemorable. Can’t say that I’d ever choose to eat there again.

Tuesday morning was an unwelcome intrusion to the churning ocean of creativity that I’d been floating in since Sunday. I ended up taking an additional vacation day, and instead of staying at home I stole away to a local Starbuck’s with my laptop and wrote in the morning. I worked out the text for the visual story that I mentioned earlier, and will work on the sketches for the illustrations this weekend. I plan on making 20 hand-bound art books. There will be 20 images to accompany not a whole lot of text. I’ll be making the prints using my Print Gocco, and then hand-tinting the pages with watercolors, walnut ink, acrylic paints, or any combination thereof, so essentially, each of the prints will be slightly different due to the hand-coloring. I haven’t yet decided on the binding technique I plan on using, but I suppose it would be a good start to at least get the 20 drawings completed… or begun. 😉

After work on Wednesday I met with my friend Bonnie for some dinner followed by a show at the Barclay. Dinner was at Britta’s Cafe. The food is absolutely delish. Not cheap, though, but worth dishing out the money for the quality of the food, and the interesting menu items/ingenious ingredient combinations. I’d say it’s right up there with Le Girafe (in Santa Monica).

The show at the Barclay was fantastic. We watched the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble perform to a Hungarian Concerto Homage to Béla Bartók. It was fabulous… the music… the costumes… the dancing… made me feel… Hungarian. 🙂


1 thought on “Birthday celebration(s) in review…

  1. KellyKilmer

    Ya should damn well know that by now, I wouldn’t say something about someone’s creative efforts, if I didn’t mean it!! I meant it. I am really looking forward to holding the finished copy in my hands..I loved all of the ideas that you shared. LOVE the Gaiman/Reeves photo above (LOL).
    Hope that Gabriel is feeling better soon…poor kiddo.
    Glad you did have a nice Birthday though 😉

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