What has been keeping me from my art…

(Click to see enlarged view in separate window)

Homework… not mine, but Gabriel’s. Every day he drags ass to get it done… every day it’s a major panic session right around bedtime (which is later than *I* ever went to bed at that age), because such-and-such homework hasn’t been completed and it happens to be due “tomorrow.” So… I helped Gabriel make his heritage doll… in fact, I pretty much dressed him by myself. He was busy doing other stuff… like math homework and such… you know, the important stuff. He took (correction: he forgot the f*n thing at home, so Steve had to drop it off at the office) the doll in to school today (it turns out it wasn’t due until next Tuesday *grrrrr*) but the teacher was so impressed with it that she kept showing it off to everyone… the fifth graders… the kindergardeners who some of the fifth graders “tutor”… the teachers… everyone in the vicinity got an eyeful of Gabriel’s heritage doll, which was met (by Gabriel) with a mixture of pleased embarrassment. Well… I’ve done my job as a parent then… I am able to both win him brownie points with his teacher AND embarrass the heck out of him, all at the same time. Yay.

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