The tribe grows… and the banana peels of life…

Debra Shilanec has a wonderful website called Reach-Dabble-Shine. Every so often my mailbox is graced with an e-mail from Debra with a link to one of her posts. You can subscribe to these delightful morsels of insight and inspiration if you are so inclined. Click on the leaves (above) and you’ll access the one about slipping on a banana peel… you’ll have to read it to understand the rest of my post.

It’s odd how one person’s experience and perception can so closely mirror my own. I loved this particular post… having done the exact same things, and coming to the exact same conclusions. It’s tough to find the tribe… especially in the corporate environment, where “accountability” is really “finger pointing” and “resolution” means “protecting the bottom line”. But… somewhere, out there, there are others, and it is comforting. And… it’s not that I’ve achieved this wonderful self-consciousness all of the time… many, many times I fall back into the usual (almost hard-wired) behavioural patterns, and only after a little while do I realize “oh, there I go again… time to stop this insanity NOW!” But, at least I get there, which is more than some (if not most) of the people I know get to. And… maybe it is the wiring… maybe it’s this insatiable need to be better than I am, not in my accomplishments but in my doing… my journey there.


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