Composing and de-composing

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Old pics

A couple of days ago I drafted a post, saved it and then left to go do something else. I figured I’d take a look at it today and add to/edit it and then post it. After re-reading it, however, I decided to start over… too much meandering into nothing substantive. Talking about naps and how I used to wonder why my parents would need to take them all the time, and realizing now that fatigue catches up to you somehow, as life progresses, and that once we cross that threshold, there doesn’t seem to be any turning back. Well… not the makings of a very entertaining post, so…

Feeling rather nostalgic around this time of year, I’ve decided to whip out some old photos instead. Other than the huuuuuuge specs, I looked pretty damned good… the bikini/shorts shot was taken in 1978 (I was 14), sitting on my dad’s lap… ‘course at the time, I thought I didn’t measure up to the rest of the female folks of the world. Always measuring oneself against another will certainly always end in someone’s disappointment, I’m thinking.

The other photo was taken Christmas Eve 1983, I think. My mom and dad to the left and my cousin Zoli on the right… all of them gone now. How I miss them.


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