Moleskine journal entry

Moleskine journal entry – pencil sketches


3 thoughts on “Moleskine journal entry

  1. KellyKilmer

    very very cool Adriane
    i love when you show your drawings…
    Tristan and I were sharing the moleskin (big one) you got me for my birthday as David drew on the menu at our pizza place we love the other day…(I still can’t get him to use the ones I bought him last year)…the waitresses kept popping their heads over to see what we were doing 😉

  2. Adriane

    Hi Kelly girl!

    I always feel somewhat reticent about posting them… most of my “doodles” are done from memory, very rarely using people or objects as a point of reference… so they often look a bit off… glad you’re using the books… 🙂 Maybe David will graduate from paper napkins/placemats/menus to a Moleskine someday too… 😉 That’s where I started… there’s hope yet…

    The sketches, BTW, are concept art for a visual book I’m working on… it’s about Art (a male character) keeping Daria (the main protagonist) company throughout her life… she draws him into being as a child and he takes on a life of his own. Can you say “Mr. Snufalufagus” only different? Just kidding…

  3. Anonymous

    Oh, you should post more of your sketches! The book concept is pretty intruguing. Show us more! Show us more! 😉

    Best wishes to you for the holidays…

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