Things that I love…

+ Salsa so hot it makes my eyes water and my nose run…
+ Ditto for a shot of slivovic
+ Foot rubs
+ Bubble baths, with lights off but candles aglow… solo or not
+ The feel of autumn leaves crunching beneath my feet
+ The smell and feel of autumn air, just before it gets too cold to be comfortable
+ The smell and feel of spring air, as the fever of spring settles in after a long winter
+ Sucking on icicles snapped off of the eaves
+ Laying on a cot up in the Laurentians on a summer night, snuggled under a cozy blanket and enveloped by a blanket of stars
+ Sitting on a log around a bonfire so big, you can’t see across to the other side if you’re sitting down
+ A good book… or five, cycled through simultaneously until all are read
+ Riding on the back of a motorcycle, sidled up to someone who rides like he is one with the bike… the faster we go, the better
+ Freesias and tuberoses
+ Christmas lights amidst the white of snow—it’s magical!
+ Ah-ha moments… and being perceptive enough to realize that they’re happening all of the time
+ Digging my fingers in the dirt while gardening
+ Bourbon roses, but particularly Souvenir de la Malmaison
+ The smell of Freon (go figure…)
+ The smell of tar, as in tar on railroad ties (go figure…)
+ Body surfing in the clear, smooth, turquoise waters of the Caribbean (with someone who can be my eyes)
+ Chocolate… milk, dark… but it’s gotta be the good stuff
+ Traveling to places I’ve never been to before, solo or not
+ The ocean… walking on the shore and picking sea shells
+ A hot cup of espresso coffee accompanied by a shot of fine brandy or cognac
+ Perfumes… with essences of vanilla, pine, patchouli, citrus, rose and sandalwood
+ Doing the no-pants-dance (preferably on a linoleum or wood floor, with socks on), when no one is watching… dancing makes my heart soar
+ The sheen of silk, in the gloriously brilliant colors of India (orange, fuschia, purple, emerald, turquoise, etc.), as much a delight for the fingers as it is for the eyes
+ Flannel (to sleep on… to wear…)
+ Ditto for corduroy
+ Hugging my little boy, and kissing the top of his head
+ Being “in the flow”… when the creative process lays itself down onto the medium at hand, without any protest or struggle

1 thought on “Things that I love…

  1. T2

    Riding a motorcycle and being one with the machine, shifting so smoothly that there is no acceleration lurch, just an increase in speed, power and pipe volume.

    I hear ya, lady. There are times when I get on my bike and I am tempted to keep going for another 200 miles.

    Interestingly enough, it doesn’t happen all of the time. There are days when the mind-body-machine connection works without effort. Other days, it takes extreme concentration to get everything right on the mark. Sorta like golf, I am told.

    But when it happens, it’s like magic.

    The rest of your list is fine, too. This item caught my attention.

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