It’s all in the details…

Prismacolor markers on sales receipt

Hmmm… perhaps it’s due to it being Friday the 13th, but doggone it, I tried for hours to sign up for a journaling class today, and NIGHTMARE doesn’t even come close to describing my experience. I had this horrible feeling that I would spontaneously combust, I was so irked. So, nine bucks in the hole and a whole lot of aggravation later, I’ve decided that the universe was telling me NOT to sign up for this thing, no matter HOW much I thought I wanted to participate.

I left the apartment with my son in tow to run a few errands… paid some bills, stopped at the videogame store so that the little man could trade in some of his games for a new batch, and picked up some Prismacolor markers at the art store (not to mention a stop at Tilly’s for a nice new sweatshirt). The rain started sprinkling as we left the shopping center, and by the time we got home, it was pouring in earnest, and accompanied by an occasional spark of lightening.

We stopped for dinner at Pasta Bravo and I decided to test out the markers on the sales receipt. I was in such a foul mood, I figured I’d draw something to match my mood… hence, bubble gum girl was born. She’s green… she’s goth… she’s grumpy… just like me.


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