Oh the things I find on the ‘web…

I found this way cool blog called CulturePulp: Writings and Comics by Mike Russell while surfing the ‘web. This link takes you to a very cool interview with Richard Linklater, the director of A Scanner Darkly. The interview is in comic strip format, so not only do you get to enjoy the banter, you get to see it visually.

Linklater makes an interesting point about Dick’s vision of the future: government and corporate control used to condition you and to alienate you from others and yourself. Sure, it sounds a tad bit paranoid, but when you really consider what is happening in our world presently, and who is controlling it, it makes perfect sense.

I purchased a book a while ago called In Praise of Slowness: How a Worldwide Movement is Challenging the Cult of Speed written by Carl Honoré. It’s in my ‘to read’ pile, which quite frankly is enormous at present time, because my book acquisitions occur at a much faster rate than my book consumption, yet it has great promise. I’ve half a mind to buy several of them and anonymously interoffice them to our key corporate people. Change happens one person at a time… at least that’s what most of the self-help books promise.

Another book in my reading queue is A Reasonable Life-Toward a Simpler, Secure, More Humane Existence by Ferenc Maté. That sounds good to me. This book touches on the same stuff… one of the chapters is entitled A Government of the $ by the $ for the $: The Business State.

I am always shocked at how much vacation time is allotted in Europe, and how much more the arts are appreciated. It must make for much healthier and productive individuals. I think I just might be living on the wrong continent. Merde!


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