Hot days & postcards…

Yesterday I took a class with Kelly Kilmer at the Art Bar, who was teaching her Mail Art: Whispers class. The postcard up top is one of the several that I got close to completion. This was a fun class, and it was great to see Kelly again… if it weren’t for her weekend teaching schedule, we might see each other more often! LOL!


3 thoughts on “Hot days & postcards…

  1. KellyKilmer

    LOVE the postcard Adriane
    *Sigh* I know-my schedule is crazy…but what’s a girl to do when she’s got bills to pay? 😛
    Stay cool girlfriend!

  2. Tessenei

    Wow Adriane! The postcard is just gorgeous. You could send it to me purdy please.
    Aren’t Kelly’s classes just the best? I love playing in all the paint. Hate making messes like that at home. lol

  3. T2

    K2 is one of my favorite instructors…one talented lady.

    And by the looks of this postcard, so are you. This is really good, A.

    Good structure and use of color.

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