Daily Archives: 2 . July . 2006

A bit of obsessive reading: Coldheart Canyon

I’ve read quite a few of Clive Barker’s novels, and like many of the others, this one grabbed me and took me on a ride I couldn’t get off of until I’d read the last page and snapped the book shut. I started reading the book in earnest on Friday afternoon, and if my eyelids wouldn’t have betrayed me I would have continued reading straight through. I picked it back up yesterday morning and finally finished it last night.

I’d recommend this book to my friend Bonnie if it wasn’t for the sexual content (I told her Weaveworld was a great read and I’m not sure she ever finished it—it was just too much for her). I find it fascinating how he can weave humanity’s most base and elemental urges with its purest and highest form of virtue into a story that reveals a sense of understanding of the human condition that only he seems to be able to fully (and shamelessly) express.