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Another SoS Journal

Sisters of the Soul Journal Round Robin
My entries in Tera Leigh’s book
Left: Image transfer with acrylic medium, taken from a print that I’d “doctored up” with paints and texture
Right: Linocut print, hand printed with watersoluble ink and painted with watercolor
(Click to see enlarged view in separate window)

I’ve been working on these for several days now. The linocut was great fun to do; I wish I had a printing press to work with. Instead I just transfered the image using a barren. I have a hand press, but the first print that I tried with it ended up being too pale. I’m not sure whether I just didn’t ink the plate up enough, or whether the pressure was insufficient to transfer properly. In any case, the second print (the one above) transfered much better. I’m not so sure about this water soluble ink. I like the permanency afforded by the oil based inks that are traditionally used in linoprinting.

And now… it’s time for bed… I’m tired… hope I sleep better tonight, even with the muggy air. *sigh*