June ATC swap… self-portraits

I haven’t participated for some time in one of the monthly ATC swaps on the Belle Papier board, so this month I decided I’d send some cards in for the “self-portrait” themed swap. I’m sending two different sets in… on is a linocut that I started carving a while ago, but didn’t finish until today. I printed the cards using pigment ink onto Bristol. The other is a series of cards I’d printed using the Gocco, pearl paint on black cardstock. I trimmed the images down to the 2.5 x 3.5 inch ATC format. I’m always curious to see what I get back in return. Sometimes the work is really cool, other times it’s a piece that’s been copied onto paper and cut to size, and there are cards that are somewhere in between. The spirit of the ATC has changed much over the years.

The idea was that artists could create little pieces of artwork and then trade them amongst themselves. The pieces were original works, normally, not copies, and sometimes a departure from the artist’s normal medium. Playful, even. But, due to their massive popularity folks from the crafting and scrapbooking camps have all but changed the face of the ATC… originals have for the most part been replaced with layered papers cut to size and glued and ’embellished’, as well as copies of original artworks, reduced and cut to size. I’m guilty of utilizing both, when in a crunch, but I often have gone the extra mile so as to try to maintain the original spirit of the Artist Trading Card… which is why I’ve stopped trading, for the most part. I’d spend a whole lot of time and energy on my cards and would get some in trade that, well… weren’t very time intensive… so I’d feel a bit gyped, if you know what I mean. Let’s see how this one works out…

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