Daily Archives: 12 . June . 2006

My 10 minutes… or something…

How cool is this?! A while ago I ran across a blog by an artist for artists called Thinking About Art. The post was entitled “Artists Interview Artists” and the concept was simple… you submit five questions and you reply to five questions. The questions are distributed randomly… and only once your interview is posted do you find out who the questions came from (or where yours went to). This sounded fascinating to me… I always wonder what place other artists create from—are we all so different, or pretty much the same?

So I submitted my questions, got some to answer, and my interview was posted today, in all its glory… enjoy! (Or not… do whatever you damned well please…)


Pondering the economy of the soul…

Ever feel exhausted? I am…
All the time… some days more than others.
And when the sun shines, I feel wild with unrest.
Looking out at the blue through my glass cage,
Longing to be out and smelling the musty ocean
And tasting the green of late spring.
So I muse while I multi-task,
Reverie my companion while I put my nose to the grindstone…
My bare feet digging into wet sand, skipping rocks…
Pretending that I have a lover who
Is not so economical with his soul,
Whose sultry stare burns through all of my extra pounds
And sees the glorious being buried beneath the layers…
A soul that is wanting, waiting, wondering.
Has age made us unwilling to share
The bits of ourselves that have no meaning
If kept to ourselves? Bah humbug…
I am not embittered, just hopeful…
Perhaps a light will flicker on within us all.
How lucky we are… we have so much,
Yet so little… but such great possibilities.