They paved paradise and put up a parking lot… (c’mon, sing it with me…)

A handful of seeds at South Central Farm, L.A.
photo by Jonathan McIntosh, photographer
(click on image to get to

Ever feel that no matter how much of an influx of information you get, you somehow never know enough substantive stuff? That’s how I felt today, when I found out about South Central Farmers. This isn’t exactly paradise, nor is a parking lot going up, but they want to bulldoze this 14 acre bit of green patch in one of the most depressed areas of L.A., and put up a warehouse. This garden feeds 350 families, provides a green space for gathering, and serves as a space for the farmer’s market.

I struggle with these sorts of issues… when does capitalism get in the way of social and economic consciousness? When is it simply greed and not a sound business decision? We as a nation and populace spend a good chunk of change to help create self-sustainance in poverty stricken areas around the globe, how can we not do the same with our own? Granted, this doesn’t fall into the same category of direness as in the third world countries that receive assistance, but yet I have to question… how poor *does* one have to be before one is eligible for aid? How much of a disparity must there be before those who have help the have-nots? What blows me away in this case is that these folks are doing something constructive to help themselves and that possibility is being taken away from them because of some bureaucratic snafu.

If this speaks to you, you can donate here using PayPal… hopefully the little I was able to contribute today will be of some help. Time is a-wasting…


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