Art dolls… anyone?

Art dolls, left to right: Totem Art Doll (theme: seasons), Fire Art Doll (theme: elements), Healing Art Doll 1, Healing Art Doll 2, Gypsy Art Doll
(Click to see enlarged view in separate window)

I’m on a major “de-clutter” kick right now, mostly due to the fact that we will be moving next week, and what better time to get rid of “excess” than now? So, I’m clearing out stuff left and right, and was wondering if there might be any interest in my art dolls. You can view my initial work on the dolls and their corresponding journals on my website (and their respective ‘themes’), but they’ve returned to me in their completed forms, fully dressed and adorned. I’ve made five of them, and they are collaborative efforts, and all are accompanied by a journal. I’ll post some images on my blog in a bit, but please let me know if you might be interested in acquiring any or all of these pieces.

Also, I have a toaster oven that’s up for grabs… it’s been used to cure polymer clay, so you can’t (or rather shouldn’t) use it for foods. It’s yours if you come and get it, or pay for shipping. Oh… I also have a small Wacom tablet, with mouse and stylus, minus the driver software (you can probably download it from their website, I’m thinking), if anyone wants it. I got a larger tablet and this one has been kicking around collecting dust, waiting to be appropriated to someone.

Oh… and I’m weeding through all of my stamping supples, my ‘ephemera’, my books, etc. I think, when I’m done, I’ll be replacing the coffee table, which now serves as a dumping ground for most of Gabriel’s “stuff” (he takes offense when I call it his “shit”), with a trunk so that I can store some of the ephemera in proximity to where I work (and once it’s full, I’ll either weed out or stop adding). It reminds me of Mr. Dress-Up’s tickle trunk… man, I loved that show… maybe Casey and Finnegan will come over and play…


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