Ripley’s… House of Blues… Hollywood at its finest

A Chastity Belt at Ripley’s Museum


Gabriel and I rode Metrolink into Union Station this morning, and took metro up to Highland again. The plan was to go to Ripley’s museum in the morning and then meet my friend Kelly for lunch. Well, I got a call from Kelly with news that she wasn’t feeling so well, and so we were on our own for lunch. We wandered up Sunset Blvd. all the way to Meltdown Comics. I am never able to leave that place without something in hand. We stopped at a deli along Sunset for lunch and then set out for some more walking. My intention was to walk one of the routes from the Walking L.A. book, but Gabriel was already complaining about being bored with just walking, so I wasn’t sure how much longer he’d hold out.

The House of Blues
Pencil sketch and watercolor
(with liberal artistic license taken during rendering)

After walking about six miles or so, we happened upon a cool, old house with a sign that read “outsider art” so I had to take a look inside. It turned out to be The House of Blues. We got there around 4:30 or so, and peeked into the shop. Gabriel found all sorts of things he thought would be necessary acquisitions. We had wanted to go and have something to eat, but they told us that the restaurant didn’t open for another hour or so, but that we could hang out on the benches outside for the wait, if we wanted.

We wanted… we were done walking… tired and hungry. We sat out back on the rocking benches, waiting for the hour to elapse. I figured that I should sketch something while we waited, and uneasily began to render part of the roof of the structure. People I can draw, but buildings and the like, I’m not so proficient with. As the time drew nearer, the level of activity around us increased… fences put outside to corral a potential crowd, security people coming and going, people walking in and out of the building. I overheard some of the security people discussing that they were accepting people into the restaurant only if they had reservations. Well, shee-it, I thought… if I’d have known that I wouldn’t have sat out here for an hour freezing my tooshie off, so I went up to the guy and asked whether we needed reservations to get in to eat at the restaurant. He said we did, but that he’d check to see if he could get us in anyway. *phew* So, we waited a little while longer and were finally admitted inside.

Gabriel and I ordered the catfish appetizer, and I ordered a mojito. For the main dish, I ordered a penne with chicken dish, and Gabriel ordered a breaded shrimp dish, with spinach grits. We finished up with a delish white chocolate banana bread pudding dessert. Steve finally arrived just a little after we finished up our dessert, and ordered the salmon dish, a couple of beers and finished up with a brownie for dessert. Somewhere between that first mojito and the last bite of dessert, I’d ordered three more of them. The food was excellent, and if it wasn’t for my bar tab *cough, cough* it would have been pretty reasonably priced. My four mojitos cost me $36. Our waitress, Joy, was awesome, patiently catering to us even though we’d been there, once all was said and done (and through both dinner courses), for a little over 3 hours. Next time we might stay for a show…

Oh… and Gabriel decided that the Nag Champa bar soap and sachet were necessary additions to our toiletries…


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