Walking L.A.

Fountain at Union Station
Pencil and Watercolor

My friend Bonnie, Gabriel and I decided to train it into L.A. and do a walking tour. I picked up the book Walking L.A. and we selected walk 19: Whitley Heights & Hollywood Boulevard.

We took the metro to Highland & Hollywood Blvd. and grabbed lunch at Mel’s Diner prior to setting off on our trek, but not before we took in the multiple floors’ worth of memorabilia at the Hollywood Museum right next door. I especially liked the creepy basement, which had old horror and Egyptian set memorabilia (and the costumes worn, including Claudette Colbert’s Cleopatra dress), and Hannibal Lecter’s cell.

The walk was great, though the “moderate” difficulty rating *cough, cough* was designated by a much younger and fitter person. I think this walk would have been just as challenging to me twenty years ago as it was now, because of the pretty extreme uphill portions. My poor little heart, even without two of the extra three nerve impulses, was getting a good workout, but I’m glad it didn’t wig out like it would have prior to my surgery.

There were some pretty spectacular homes up there, all tucked around these steep, narrow streets. There was a cute little English looking cottage, replete with an little garden and fountain out by the front door, that had a Sotheby’s for-sale sign outside. Bonnie and I decide that we would gladly sign up for some house-sitting assignments throughout the neighborhood, and just shift from house to house as the occupants came and went.

Greeted by Fido as I was taking the photo
(see the yellow/brown spot just over the hedge?)
If you squint real hard, you can see the
Hollywood sign through the clearing

I shot quite a few photos with the intention of using them for reference for drawings and/or watercolor paintings. Many of the homes had historic landmark plaques on them, which I thought was really cool. We live in such a ‘disposable’ culture that I think it’s great that folks are recognizing the value of retaining the ‘old’.

While waiting for our train at Union Station, I sketched a fountain in one of their outer courtyards, and we plotted our next walk, probably middle of next month. Stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “Walking L.A.

  1. Desiree

    It looks as though you guys all had a great time. I hope your surgery wasn’t anything serious. You should be in great shape with all the walking you are now doing, good for you. It also looks like the weather was accomidating as well. What a fun adventure.

  2. Kris Henderson

    Great photos…your tale makes me want to visit down south 🙂
    Glad I happened upon your blog! Hope you are well.

  3. daleevans

    Hi — I happened upon your blog when i was trying to find (what I recall as) a photo montage by Hockney of Hollywood Blvd, probably in 1970s. posted, i believe, on wikipedia, was your wonderful piece at union station. I really liked it. also, as a hollywood dell resident, loved the sense of community in your blog.

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