Hoofing it to the office… and back

View onto freeway

After vacilating back and forth this morning on whether I would walk to work, I finally set off on foot in my Spicoli knock-off sneakers at 6:38AM. The photo above was shot not all that much later, as I was crossing the freeway overpass. I made it to work in just under 40 minutes, and when I im’ed my husband to tell him I’d walked, in my Spicoli’s, he said “those aren’t walking shoes… those are shoes to get stoned in.” Go figure… I did manage to cultivate two new blisters… one on my right heel and one on my left pinkie toe. Guess I’ll be wearing better “walking” shoes tomorrow for the trek, and I can cultivate a whole new crop of blisters. Lucky me.

On my walk home this afternoon I took the bike path for part of the way. It never ceases to amaze me that within inches of the bumper-to-bumper freeway traffic there is a little slice of nature, replete with plants and creatures. California is a wonderous place.


1 thought on “Hoofing it to the office… and back

  1. KellyKilmer

    Go Adriane!!!!!
    LOL I’ve never heard a pair of shoes described as “shoes to get stoned in”

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