A mile walked…

Bike Path
Pencl & watersoluble colored pencils in Moleskine

I decided to take Hashi’s lead and start walking daily a distance of at least one mile from home, and then stop to sketch my surroundings before heading back. I’d purchased a pedometer many months ago and had yet to use it. So duly clipped on (it fell off during my trek; slipped right out from my waistband), and plugged in to an iPod, off I went. My legs were still sore from yesterday’s jaunt to the zoo, but I figured if I didn’t get back on the horse, I’d decide not to ride at all. I walked to my son’s school and then down a bike path in the neighbourhood. There were plenty of doggie poo-bag dispensers, but no benches to sit down on, so I stood while I sketched and then colored in my drawing. I only realized, once there, that I left my larger Moleskine at home on my scanner, so I ended up using my mini Moleskine. Though I’m not impressed with my sketch, the walk was good and I got to capture some photos of Mr. Crow.


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