L.A. Zoo Sketchcrawl

Zebra, L.A. Zoo
Copic pen in Moleskine

What great fun we had today. Gabriel and I went to the L.A. Zoo to meet up with a group of folks from our Yahoo So. Cal. sketch crawl board. Gabriel managed to sketch one drawing (but he won’t share it here because he thinks that instead of looking like a koala bear, it looks like a sloth). The critters were moving around a whole bunch, so by the time I’d scope out a layout and start drawing, my ‘models’ would move. Therefore, I have many partially drawn animals, but I definitely became much more adept at hurrying up to draw them while they stayed in position. Remember those two-minute gesture drawings done in art class when a live model would come to pose? Yup… I’d forgotten them, too… a good lesson on not getting attached to the outcome, but just to ‘see’ and draw. I did take a camera and was able to capture a lot, so I’ll get to revisit the animals later.

Speaking of seeing… ugh…! I’ve determined that I really, really, need a new pair of glasses. I’m squinting to see any kind of detail these days, from (not so far of a) distance, and must remove my glasses, position small printed items about two inches from my nose and squint (once again) to read the text. Very disconcerting. Hello? Lasik fairy? Please wave your magic wand…

Giraffes, L.A. Zoo
Copic pen in Moleskine

I invested in a cap with this fabric flap that covers the neck before getting started. Good thing, too. As usual, I was not lubed up with sunscreen (you know… is it just me who can’t stand the smell of the stuff?!) and so thanks to the 3/4 length sleeves I had on, only a quarter of my arms (hands up to half way to my elbows) got crispy… that and the left side of my neck. I thought I was doing relatively well in keeping myself in the shade of my cap. Ah well… c’mon aloe vera gel…

Ibex, L.A. Zoo
Copic pen in Moleskine

I also am really tired from all of the walking we did. I can feel it in my legs and calves. I should get out and do it more often. I suppose if the incentive is to get to stop every little while and sketch some, I might actually do it. Gabriel and I concluded the afternoon with dinner at Palermo’s on Vermont St. in Hollywood. The food was fabulous. We ate and then made the trek back to “the O.C.” It’s quite amazing that I managed to make my way over from the zoo to the restaurant without Mapquest directions or a Thomas Guide. It’s equally amazing that I figured out how to get to the 405 (I drove aaaalllll the way down La Cienega; scenic route, anyone?).


1 thought on “L.A. Zoo Sketchcrawl

  1. KellyKilmer

    LOVE the photos, Adriane!
    So glad you found Palermo’s too-yummy yummy pizza!!! Did you stop at Skylight Books, too or just the Italian place?
    The drive down La Cienega to the 405 isn’t that bad-I prefer that to the freeway myself. Near the oil things too-are some pretty interesting neighborhoods to “get lost in” and drive around…

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