Sheee-it, I’ve been tagged…

Kelly’s tagged me…

In my fridge:
Brita Ultramax water purifier
Every conceivable condiment known (or available at your local Trader Joe’s)
Kosher Dills
Reduced Sugar French Vanilla creamer from International Delights (though I’ll get the other brand; whichever is on sale)
Withering veges, intended for home-made dinners, but since we end up eating out more than in, they mold or shrivel before I make use of them

In my closet:
Shoes, shoes and more shoes… though I’ve been wearing a select few for several years now, and I’ve even pared down my “collection” from what it was originally, I’ve heard the misnomer “Imelda Jr.” my way
Big box of memories… photos, postcards, my dad’s old “Tarzan” bikini bottoms (which he used to use as swim trunks)… don’t ask…
Bag of fabrics and needlework stuff
Duffle bags
My husband’s massive t-shirt collection (swag from every MX manufacturer in business today)

In my purse:
My wallet
My cell phone
My digital camera
My bundle of Copic pens, Niji brushes and water soluble colored pencils
My Moleskine journal

In My (crappy-ass) Car:
Empty boxes I brought home from work, because we’re moving next month
My access badge for work
Hand sanitizer
My son’s booster seat (which he hates “I’m not a baby anymore”)
Stuff in the trunk that I can’t even begin to list… pillows, a box of stuff I’d cleared out of my desk from a previous job and stashed in my trunk, beach/sand toys, an extra quart of oil

(I’m adding this one)-
On my Nighstand:
Bird by Bird-Anne Lamott
A Writer’s Book of Days-Judy Reeves
The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)-Jill Badonsky
John Constantine Hellblazer/Rare Cuts, a graphic novel
Altered Words-Journals, Winter ’05-published by ISABA (International Society of Altered Book Artists)
Blick Studio art supply catalog
Process Recess-James Jean
Recidivist-Zak Sally
Tales from the Bed-Jenifer Estess
Blink-Malcolm Gladwell
A pen, a spiral notebook, a glass bowl filled with paint chips, a photo of my dad as a young man (taken in a Siberian prison camp, no less), my alarm clock, box of tissues, more magazines…

I tag…


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