Bullet point update…

* new employment on the horizon for my (better?) half
* mom made it through surgery, with a hop-up porcine valve and some extra work on the aorta
* I found some old music on iTunes… Falco’s ‘Rock me Amadeus’ and a collection of Ultravox tunes (so, in your best Fairly Odd Parents’ Cosmo voice, say: Woo…! it’s an 80’s-a-paloosa!)
* tried finding “Der Kommissar” on the ‘net… wish it was available on iTunes **
* and I found some newer (doggone hard-to-find!) music: the 3 Dogstar CDs – woo-hoo!

Alright… past my bedtime… gotta get in to work for 6AM… tomorrow’s EMG testing day…

** some day when I’m brave, old and/or stupid (not necessarily in that order), I will recount the story behind Der Kommissar…


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