Hospital visit…

Visit with Grandma at Kaiser on Sunset, Hollywood

Earlier this week we got news that Steve’s mom was having some episodes of heart arrythmia and was taken into the hospital during the weekend. She was transfered to the cardiac unit in Hollywood for further assessment and is now waiting to undergo a valve transplant, hopefully tomorrow or Friday. Since Steve will be in ‘Vegas this weekend, covering the Supercross finale (so…. who will it be… Bubba? Chad? Ricky?), we figured we’d pop in on mom before surgery takes place. Though she tires quickly, she was glad to see us all, especially “the boy” who aged two years within a matter of hours *big wink* so that he could go and visit her in the hospital.

After our visit, we grabbed dinner locally with Grandpa. My friend Kelly suggested an Italian restaurant called Palermo’s off of Vermont St., but Grandpa and Gabriel picked The House of Pie instead. Urp!

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