Walkin’ in the sand…

Pen & Watercolor Pencils

I managed to get out of the apartment this weekend. I worked on updating the class schedule on my friend Kelly’s website (finally!) and then wanted to get out to maybe sketch a bit. We drove over to the Newport Beach… beach at the end of the afternoon. My first attempt was the pier, which looks so bad that I didn’t even bother scanning it in. I really need to work on my perspective rendering skills. I took a few photos, so I’ll try again. I have a really hard time with perspective when I’m out in the open. My second attempt produced the above result… Gabriel’s sandals and his sand toy. Not perfect, but better.


2 thoughts on “Walkin’ in the sand…

  1. Hashi

    Adriane, I really love the style of this. It looks like it belongs in an illustrated children’s book.

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