Sisters of the Soul journal two

My entry in Dee Radcliffe’s SoS Journal

The month is up for the second journal and I will be sending it out with only one page completed. I’d intended to do more, but what with my neck/shoulder/arm issues, it was all I could muster. I’m not all that happy with the result, but it’ll have to do. I scanned and manipulated a photo in Photoshop and then printed it out on canvas using my Epson printer. I’m not sure why it came out so, er, morbid, but alas…

I received the next one, which was started by Kathy O’Bryan… a lovely “book-in-a-box”… loose sheets of watercolor paper swathed in satin. Some of the pages already completed are completely covered in fabric. Very cool book. I’ll have to rise up to the occasion. Dee’s will be going into the mail on Monday. Hope she likes what I’ve done…


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