Scoping out a moto school… maybe

The hubby (aka “Guy-b”)… he claims he knows his place (beHIND the camera) but you be the judge…

So glad it’s Friday and the weekend is here. Worked my tail off at work this week, and the neck/shoulder/arm thing is ever present. Proofed a cool article that Steve was working on for today’s Friday Feature, posted here.

While searching for a local area moto school, I came across a listing for Rick Johnson Racing, here in Irvine. When I mentioned it to Steve, he said “Yeah, I know Rick…” So my next question was… *big grin* “Can you ask him if he’ll teach me how to ride?” After looking at me with furrowed brow and grimace, he said “Yeah, I guess, the next time I see him at a race.” There’s hope for me yet… whether road or MX, I’ll be riding one of these days. Steve can’t be the only one running up the hospital ER bill.


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