Next Sisters of the Soul journal…

A photo from eons ago…

This photo was taken ages ago… I don’t remember the occasion, nor who the photographer was, but I do remember that moment, hugging my friend, Violet… one I’ve know since we were in diapers. We were maybe nineteen years old in this photo.

We go a long ways back, she and I, and we’ve seen each other evolve from childhood to adolescence to young adulthood to parenthood. Not all of it was pretty (and I have more than a few scars from her jagged little nails), and yet, we’ve shared the secrets of our soul, and even became “blood sisters”, pin-pricking our fingers and joining them together. We are of the same (Hungarian-Canadian) heritage. We’ve shared everything from clothes to boyfriends. When we were little, we’d push each other off of my mother’s lap, vying for her love and hugs.

Violet is another one of my “soul sisters” who I wish to honor during this journal project. The journal I received the other day (Dee Radcliffe’s) has a paisley sub-theme, so I thought this photo was rather fitting, and will work it into my contribution somehow.

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