Sisters of the Soul

Journal Entry

I’ve been working on my Sisters of the Soul journal, another group project originating on the Belle Papier Yahoo group. This project, to me, is all about friendship… deep, soulful, friendship… we can’t pick our families, but we can certainly pick our friends, and that over time, one’s friends can potentially become closer than one’s family… sisters of the soul.

So… I’m choosing to honor my “sisters of the soul” with this project… I have three very good friends, who live very far away now, but whom I’ve known for the better part of my life… one of them since we were in diapers (our parents were friends and neighbours) and the other two since I was eight (I walked up to them one day and asked “Can I be your friend?” although it was more along the lines of “J’peut-tu etre votre amie?”)… and it was so.

Gads… we’ve seen each others’ revolutions and evolutions… our first crushes… boyfriends… marriages… children… separations and divorces. Rollerskates and skateboards… makeup and babysitting… Donna Summer and Barry Manilow and Queen and Styx… I was always the wild one of the bunch, not finishing college and going punk(ish) and experimenting with illegal substances and alchoholic beverages… and joining the Hare Krishnas. What a walking contradiction I was. (Probably still am.)

I wish they didn’t live so far away, but these bonds that we forged way back when are still there, only stretched out over a long distance.


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