Valentine’s Day… the un-holiday?

I was convinced that today would be a bust (like my birthday) and was bolstering myself against potential disappointment. Then, midway through the afternoon, I opened my purse and peered inside, looking for my doctor’s business card. I found a small heart-shaped box of Godiva chocolates and a card from my husband. In shock, I was. He’d snuck it in there. Amazing.

Valentine’s day has not ever been a favorite of mine. The expecations always far outreach the outcome. When I was single, it reeked because I had no one to share it with. If I had any allusions as to it being romantic after I got married, those were quickly dashed–my husband is neither romantic nor sentimental. I suppose we balance each other out. Some day I hope to be surprised in a big way, with something so totally unexpected (but fabulous) that I’ll be just short of swooning.

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