Anne Green’s sepia-earthy greens-metallic bronze journal

I finally wrapped up my pieces in Anne’s journal, and this will complete my participation in one of the two art journal projects I’ve been in for what will soon be a year. I’ve not yet gotten back my own two books, and I still have work to do in one more journal. I used images of my mother-real vintage, so to speak.

Today has been much less productive than I’d hoped. I awoke early enough, but Steve’s mom and dad were to come over early, but didn’t arrive until past eleven. Steve left to go to San Diego around nine or so, to cover the moto race. The grands, Gabriel and I went to Sterling Art for a quick peek. They have a canvas sale going on… buy one get another for a penny… so I bought two. Now I just need to get started on painting.

I have been trying to finish up some outstanding projects, but instead of working diligently, I’ve been sucked into watching Underworld. Mmmm… must say, Scott Speedman is quite dishy. And now The Matrix is playing, and I simply can’t resist watching it one more time. Mmmm… Keanu is quite dishy too. 😉

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