Daily Archives: 1 . January . 2006

Belly Up

All day I’ve fought the urge to stretch out, belly-up, and thrust my toes toward the fireplace for a nice, cozy nap. I listlessly watched TV for a better part of the day, exercising “full right” to the TiVo controller (the TiVo being Steve’s “family present”… so much for that iPod I was holding my breath for). I watched three (count ’em) celebrity bio presentations. I came away with the notion that each one of these people had a raw, identifiable, talent, but what made them succeed was the perseverence with which they pursued of their dreams.

I felt guilty for not accomplishing much, so I managed to make a template for the ATC books that I intend to finish tomorrow, and printed out the holiday postcards that I’ll need to cut, assemble and label tomorrow as well.

But for now, that fire’s looking awfully good, and my toes are wanting some me time.