Monthly Archives: January 2006

C’est quoi bien vivre?

Graphite pencil sketch

I spread cheer everywhere I go. Well… sometimes I do. Lately, though, I’ve been rather morose. So… what is, exactly, “bien vivre”… living well? I’m not sure, these days. All seems awry in the world. Those who live “well” and sacrifice seem to suffer, more than anything else. Those who “live well” sometimes do so by forsaking all good taste and conscience. Of course, this is the “half bottle” of La Crema Pinot Noir talking… and lucky you, I’m sharing.

I’m finally reclaiming some energy. My neck has been sore, on and off, since December, but the acute pain has now dulled to an occasional rumble, although the numbness in my left arm is disconcerting. I am in need of a massage, and I must be satisfied with what I can mete out from my husband and kid. I’ve a ton of work at the office, but between being sore, and deflated from dealing with the pain, I’ve not exactly been the most productive. I can perform in spurts (that just sounds *wrong* doesn’t it?!) and so some days I bust my butt and other days I wonder why they don’t just send me home and tell me that the day will be one on my dime. I’m waiting for news from my doctor for a neurologist referral. Soon, I hope. Or… just a good prescription for some muscle relaxants might do the trick too. Hey… Botox injections might even work.

And so, now… I’ll retreat the to the bedroom and read for a spell…

Belly Up

All day I’ve fought the urge to stretch out, belly-up, and thrust my toes toward the fireplace for a nice, cozy nap. I listlessly watched TV for a better part of the day, exercising “full right” to the TiVo controller (the TiVo being Steve’s “family present”… so much for that iPod I was holding my breath for). I watched three (count ’em) celebrity bio presentations. I came away with the notion that each one of these people had a raw, identifiable, talent, but what made them succeed was the perseverence with which they pursued of their dreams.

I felt guilty for not accomplishing much, so I managed to make a template for the ATC books that I intend to finish tomorrow, and printed out the holiday postcards that I’ll need to cut, assemble and label tomorrow as well.

But for now, that fire’s looking awfully good, and my toes are wanting some me time.