Bring on the Shine…

Okay… it’s Tuesday and what have I done this week? Well, I signed up, in a moment of impulsive lack of self-control, for 365 days of art. As of January 1st of this coming year, I’ll endeavor to create art every day. *sigh* Sometimes I’m so tired I can barely drag my sorry ass through the day, and I always wonder what on earth is draining my energy so much throughout the day that I feel like a wrung out dish rag at day’s end.

I saw this post on another BLOG that quoted something from Coaching the Artist Within by Eric Maisel:

Many people who hope to create seem to lack the energy. They have a ton of energy for their tennis game, their shopping spree, or their poker night, but as soon as they think about the novel they intend to write they find that they need to take a nap. What are they experiencing? What does a person mean when she says,” I’m too tired to write” or, “I just don’t have the energy to create?” As a creativity self-coach, you are obliged to understand the relationship between energy and creativity…

If it seems strange to you that it requires mental energy to sit still…, think of the mental energy required of you not to scream, “Stop this, already!” in a boring meeting or not to blurt out, “Say something, already!” at a tedious lecture. We know that we are using up real energy in such situations and that the energy we are expending is mental, not physical. Such events mentally exhaust us and can prevent us from returning to our regular work. We use up our whole store of mental energy doing nothing more physical than not leaving the conference room or lecture hall.

We require mental energy to do everything from not leaving a lecture to writing a symphony. A person who actively makes meaning is obliged both to generate more mental energy and to expend more mental energy than someone who settles for received wisdom. When we say that a person is powerful, passionate, charismatic, energized, and so on, we are making note of the mental energy made visible, a wattage as real as that of the sun. An active meaning-maker is powerful, just as the sun is powerful, and for the same reason: processes at work produce power…

Mental activity requires — and then uses up — mental energy. It takes mental energy to think, to imagine, to calculate, to fantasize. It also takes a real expenditure of valuable mental energy to maintain half-hearted beliefs, to ignore important truths, to procrastinate, to not pursue your dreams. Keeping a defensive lid on life is real work and a real energy drain. No one tires out more completely than the person who knows she ought to make meaning in a certain way but refuses to do so, unless it is the person who wages internal war about whether it would be better to pursue this or that meaning-making route.

Well… that explains a lot. Debra’s website,, rocks, by the way. Funny how synergystic life is, when you’re paying attention. I’ve begun to read a book called The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield which addresses  r e s i s t a n c e… and there it is, popping up on Debra’s coaching site. Think the  u n i v e r s e  is trying to tell me something?


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