Artless… but brewing

I haven’t been posting much in the way of artwork… I’ve been preoccupied with other things. This is a “gathering stage” for me-my metal phase, as I go all oriental on you; a time when ideas germinate, and I seek and find inspiration images with which I eventually construct my pieces. I currently have six collection folders right now, each concepts that popped into my mind’s eye with a vague “shadow” of what I want the completed piece to be. I want to work on canvas, so I’m hoping that Santa will bring me a decent easel (and canvas too, maybe)… I don’t currently have one, and I run out of space on my workbench in a hurry if I work on more than one thing at a time, so an easel will become essential in order for me to bring this collection into being.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of creating a ‘zine… one with a fair amount of line/pen & ink art… I’m kind of cooked on all of the uniformity of the “art” I’ve been seeing lately, so I’m hoping to maybe inspire some folks into getting out of their comfort zones and actually (eek!) picking up a pen/cil or brush and finding their “voice.” I’m soooo over the collage stuff that’s out there right now… I mean, it’s cool and all, but it all looks the same. The stuff is so generic…. okay… I’ll get off my soapbox now.

So basically, I want to produce a zine without the “usual” collage stuff that’s so popular, but using different collage elements, but only a MINIMAL amount of magazine or other similar types of images (if ANY), integrating the elements into a whole and complex piece by layering them and adding paint, etc., or forego the collage bit altogether and turn folks on to mark making… doodling… learning to see the world through a different perspective… seeing shapes instead of objects, or light and dark areas instead of forms. Anyway… I want to call it “Paradigm” because we all look at the same stuff and experience things differently… even see things differently… so one of the strips that I want to feature will be about a group of folks who will be experiencing things and events at the same time, but the images will be drawn from the different characters’ POV (point-of-view) and each will differ wildly, including how each perceives themselves and the others in the group, all taking into account their personalities and their own baggage. It’ll be fun.

I’d like to introduce the concept of paradigm to others… how our perception of things alters drastically, depending upon how we look at something. Like for example, if we get cut off by someone in the shopping center parking lot, we’re all miffed because we think the person was just being rude… but then when we see into their perspective (perhaps they were rushing to the pharmacy to get some Motrin for their kid who’s at home with a raging fever) much of our anger about the initial “injustice” would be dispelled because our paradigm has shifted. Granted, some people *are* just plain rude, but it could be because they’re emotional maturity level is stuck in their 16th year of development, so they never got out of the teenage angst stage. All very interesting stuff… at least it’s got me fascinated.

Hmm… Santa could also bring me a Rapidograph nib cleaner… one of those vibrator cleaners… dunno how much they cost (I’m afraid to look, but I think Dick Blick must have them)… but the doggone tips get clogged up pretty easily, especially when I’m using the really tiny ones, which I did for the fairy wonderland for Ally’s book. *sigh* And buying a new nib every time it gets clogged is NOT an option. Alright… bedtime… and I need to nurse the crook of my left arm, because it’s bruised from my blood test yesterday… how they manage to bruise me every time I get one of those, I have NO idea.


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