Ophelia completed – hibernation setting in

Ophelia in Laurie Zallek’s Aqua and Red journal
Mixed media

The days are shorter. Darkness decends upon this hemisphere. Instinctively I settle into my winter mode, wanting to do little more than rest and schlep around inside, and not do a whole lot. I want to read… and rest. And yet I have so much to do. Nothing much gets done.

I completed the Ophelia layout today. It photographs a bit differently than it looks, because of the reflective nature of the leafing. I have moved onto the next book, Ally’s purple, gold and amber. I’m a bit stymied about my layouts right now, but I’ll figure it out soon… I feel the muse lurking in the outer-reaches.

About the Ophelia layout… funny how some things just come in a flash of inspiration, and others I have to dig deeper for. This one came without much effort. The colors (aqua and red) immediately made me think of water and… something… and the water led to Ophelia and what she represents to me. An end of innocent or idealistic love. I suppose we all get to that place, sooner or later. Well… on to staring at the next layouts to see what they have to say.

I finally popped my contacts in this morning (they’re gas permeables, so I couldn’t leave them in for very long for the first time). I had them prescribed a year ago and they’ve been sitting in the cabinet. I just wasn’t up to putting them in and the struggle of getting used to them. I was bitching loudly this morning about how I hated my glasses and couldn’t see with them, so my son said “Why don’t you put your contacts in then?!” Usually I ignore the comment, but today I was frustrated enough that I got up and actually popped them in. Yikes… it’ll be a while before I get used to these. My eyes teared for the whole time they were in (less than an hour, I reckon) and it took me forEVER to take them out… at least until I figured out how easily I could “pop” them out. Sheesh. I’ll try again tomorrow.

I feel like having some pot pie and salad for dinner; even better… meat pie (mmm!)… except they know of no such thing out here in the Western United States. Guess I’ll have to make some from scratch… one of these days. We’ll probably go to Champagne for dinner instead, and maybe poke into Border’s while we’re at Crystal Court.

Tomorrow we visit the Grands… hope traffic won’t rob us of a quarter of the day. The 91 is such a pain in the ass to drive, and the 15 is getting to be a bitch too. I hate traffic… and driving in the car, or truck, in our case. My time is so precious that spending it in the car seems so wasteful. I’m so looking forward to the upcoming Thanksgiving long weekend… and my week off between Christmas and New Year.

1 thought on “Ophelia completed – hibernation setting in

  1. Tessenei

    I love your Ophelia layout. Out of curiosity I copied the other one you posted and then turned it upside down (the way you had originally intended it to be) just to see which I liked better. Adriane, you were ‘meant’ to put that layout in upside down. Ophelia looks etheral and like she is floating in water. The final version is exquisite!

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