Soaring spirits… and procrastination

Stabilo CarbOthello pastels and Classicolor Caran d’Ache colored pencils

My very good friend Kelly shipped over a box of some fabulous colored pencils and pastels to me this week. Amidst ooohing and ahhhhhing, I test drove them, coming up with the above results. I thought it looked like a spirit soaring through the ether, but my son is of the opinion that it looks like Calcifer or Howl from the movie Howl’s Moving Castle.

Instead of packaging up ornaments (like I should be doing) or even making some jewelry (which I would do if I were even a tad bit more ambitious), I’m ready to grab some magazines/books and head for bed and read with my eyes closed. But seriously… I need to package up my “balls” and I’m debating upon whether I should make little business cards and whether or not to put price tags on my ornaments. [sigh] Decisions, decisions…

I worked like a madwoman today… I ended up working through lunch. No shortage of work to do in my day. I’ve been on fire this week, but I’m totally wiped out when I get home. No wonder sleep sounds like the plan for the evening.


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