I went to see MirrorMask this afternoon at the Edwards theatre near UCI with my husband and my 9-yr old. Wow… what a movie! The young woman who is the main character in the film is an artist, and her bedroom wall is plastered with these wonderful creatures! And this world that she’s drawn comes to life during her “adventure.” It made me want to pull out a sketch pad start drawing fantastic creatures in pen and ink.

I loved the movie… my husband “liked” it but found it “strange”… my 9-yr old also enjoyed it very much, especially liking the sphinx creatures.

In any case, I’m glad to have seen it on a big screen… I have a feeling it won’t be playing there for much longer as there were all of perhaps 7 people in the theatre for the presentation that we saw. Pity… it’s definitely worth the trip.

I saw several previews and “Shop Girl” with Claire Danes and Steve Martin looks wonderful. I used to watch her in “My So-Called Life” many years ago and found her delightful. She has grown up… wow how time flies–she’s 26! In any case, it’s on my “to-see” list of upcoming movies.

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