Hot Pink & Lime Color Journal

My layout in Sister Maryetta’s hot pink and lime color journal
(Click to see larger view in separate window)

This book was started by a sister of the Adrian Dominican order. As I flipped through the pages, many were focusing on the quasi-religious theme rather than the color theme, which I decided that I wouldn’t do. However, as my work in the book evolved, it did take on a sort of religious symbolism, but I still like what I came up with.

I picked up some metal tooling tools, and some thin sheet metal, and had pulled them out to play with. As I was doing this, a layout idea came to me and I laid them out onto the page. My right page was as good as done. My left page was initially just fingerpainted with various acrylic paints, but struck me as unfinished, so I added the metal tooled heart.

The day was spent watching TV, perusing through my new book by Clive Barker, Visions of Heaven and Hell, which arrived on my doorstep today. I have always admired Clive, and have read many of his books, starting with The Books of Blood and The Hellbound Heart, and The Damnation Game and The Great and Secret Show and Everville and Weaveworld and… well, you get the picture. I also love the Hellraiser movies. He has a way of making the ugly and horrible take on a cast of beauty. I loved the Black Madonna from Weaveworld. In any case, this book has hundreds of his paintings in it, and personal narrative. It’s an AWEsome book.

We also went to Target this afternoon to find my son a video game called I Love Katamari. He’s been bugging the crap out of me to get this game, and has saved up almost enough money to buy it. He’s been getting $1 for every 90% or higher he’s been scoring at school on his tests, and he’s just killing it, in all subjects. I’m proud to say that he’s kicking butt. Hope it keeps up. Anyway… we picked that up and he’s been playing it since we got back. Time to give it a rest.


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