Jacques for dinner…

Mammmals and Spades ATC – Belle Papier Group
Photoshop composite

Jacques is making dinner tonight… or rather my husband will be picking up some Jack-in-the-Box on his way home… dinner… voila! I’m still hurting, but I’m only running a low-grade fever at this point, and MAN am I stuffy! Think it’s time for some meds… and another nap. I was looking at the portrait I drew with the color pencils yesterday and I am always surprised (and delighted) that somehow, my hand, eye and brain managed to create it. I look and study and see things that I didn’t consciously put down, at least not that I note when I’m working. Could also have been the drug-induced haze… amazing what Nyquil can accomplish.

I marvel, sometimes, at how suddenly something can come together so effortlessly, when I’ve been fretting and fussing about a piece. Case in point… the Spades ATC has been on my desktop for weeks now, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to fit it all together. I had the dolphins and the other “pieces” of the card, but just didn’t know how to incorporate them all. I sat down this morning and it came together in less than a half hour. Amazing.

And now for my Nyquil-induced nap… ’til dinner arrives.


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