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Women as architects of change…

Today I was provided with a special treat (sponsored by my workplace). I was able to attend the Conference for Women in Long Beach, which is a bi-partisan conference for the women of California, subtitled “women as architects of change.” I missed it last year, but was able to watch to all of the video footage on the website (though I’m sure it wasn’t complete footage, but better than nothing). If you are interested, I think you may be able to view last year’s and this year’s conference highlights on the site:

I attended a morning session titled “Beyond Courage: Overcoming the Unimaginable”, which was led by Linda Ellerbee, with Erin Runnion (the mother of 5-yr old Samantha Runnion, who was slain by a sex offender), Marianne Pearl (Danny Pearl’s widow, her husband being abducted, tortured and then slain in Karachi by al Qaeda) and Trisha Meili (the Central Park jogger, who was raped and bludgeoned, and left for dead by her attacher(s)). Wow. WOW! These women were nothing short of inspiring. During lunch, instead of sitting in on lunch, I walked the exhibits, and got to meet Erin. She is gracious and dedicated to her cause.

The afternoon session that I attended was titled “The Global Goddess: How Women are Changing the World Together” and led by Libby Sartain, and featured the following panelists:
*Diane Granito, Founder, The Heart Gallery
*Zainab Salbi, Founder, President and CEO Women for Women International
*Virginia Martinez Victorin, Director of Communications, Special Needs Child/Parent Advocate, Southern California, Fiesta Educativa
*Dara Near & Vaughn Lohec, Sisters of Lauren Catuzzi, Author, You Can Do It! The Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-Up Girls

Zainab’s organization struck home with me (see: and I invite you to read through the website’s pages, but all of these women were inspirational and have motivated me to take greater action in bettering my global neighborhood.

This event was empowering, in several ways. There are moments that I think that any small action that I can provide is so minute that it is essentially ineffectual and that no matter what I attempt, change will not occur. These women are proof that this theory of mine is in fact not true. We each have the ability to change things, and we simply need to find out HOW. This venue has provided me with that resource.


I went to see MirrorMask this afternoon at the Edwards theatre near UCI with my husband and my 9-yr old. Wow… what a movie! The young woman who is the main character in the film is an artist, and her bedroom wall is plastered with these wonderful creatures! And this world that she’s drawn comes to life during her “adventure.” It made me want to pull out a sketch pad start drawing fantastic creatures in pen and ink.

I loved the movie… my husband “liked” it but found it “strange”… my 9-yr old also enjoyed it very much, especially liking the sphinx creatures.

In any case, I’m glad to have seen it on a big screen… I have a feeling it won’t be playing there for much longer as there were all of perhaps 7 people in the theatre for the presentation that we saw. Pity… it’s definitely worth the trip.

I saw several previews and “Shop Girl” with Claire Danes and Steve Martin looks wonderful. I used to watch her in “My So-Called Life” many years ago and found her delightful. She has grown up… wow how time flies–she’s 26! In any case, it’s on my “to-see” list of upcoming movies.

Lyn Klauzer’s Red and Green Journal

My layout in Lyn Klauzer’s Red and Green Color Journal
Colored pencil, watercolor pencil, Twinkling H2Os

I’ve been debating on whether to do two layouts in this one. Mostly, I’m crunched for time, not because I haven’t any interest in making another. I still have the ATC to make, and I did pull out a canvas piece from the box, in case I have a sudden gust of inspiration while making the ATC. I don’t like just slapping something down, so I usually end up fussing with my pieces a whole lot before I’m satisfied with them.

I also have ten ATCs to make for this month’s Belle Papier swap; the theme is music/dancing. I have a really cool photo collage I’ve done, and now need to decide whether I’ll be printing it out on photo paper and embellishing, or collaging the card and then overlaying the collage with a print out of the photo collage on a transparency.

I have lots to do today, otherwise. I need to run errands and do my menu planning for next week (and lunch planning, too). I also need to go through the garage and start sorting (and chucking) stuff out of the garage. They inspected the garages this past week and those who can’t fit a car into their garage will be put on a two week notice… guess how much space I have in *my* garage for a car? (If your answer was “none” you would be correct.) I have SO much shit in there, it’s not even funny, and I’ve just not been able to get myself to throw those things away. When you go from 2000 square feet to half of that, you end up with a lot of excess. I didn’t buy the stuff because I hated it… so figuring out what to pare down becomes quite the dilemma. I have a TON of magazines, many scrapbook ones–OLD scrapbook ones, that I think I’ll eBay… not to mention hundreds of Beanie Babies… now *those* were a lapse in sanity, I believe.

Well… I’m off to make breakfast… or rather, heat up some cinnamon rolls and make a hot cocoa for my kiddo (who’s *still* playing that blasted game and listens like POO when I ask him to quit playing and do something else). *He* needs to be making some Artist Trading Cards for a swap I need to mail out tomorrow.

Hot Pink & Lime Color Journal

My layout in Sister Maryetta’s hot pink and lime color journal
(Click to see larger view in separate window)

This book was started by a sister of the Adrian Dominican order. As I flipped through the pages, many were focusing on the quasi-religious theme rather than the color theme, which I decided that I wouldn’t do. However, as my work in the book evolved, it did take on a sort of religious symbolism, but I still like what I came up with.

I picked up some metal tooling tools, and some thin sheet metal, and had pulled them out to play with. As I was doing this, a layout idea came to me and I laid them out onto the page. My right page was as good as done. My left page was initially just fingerpainted with various acrylic paints, but struck me as unfinished, so I added the metal tooled heart.

The day was spent watching TV, perusing through my new book by Clive Barker, Visions of Heaven and Hell, which arrived on my doorstep today. I have always admired Clive, and have read many of his books, starting with The Books of Blood and The Hellbound Heart, and The Damnation Game and The Great and Secret Show and Everville and Weaveworld and… well, you get the picture. I also love the Hellraiser movies. He has a way of making the ugly and horrible take on a cast of beauty. I loved the Black Madonna from Weaveworld. In any case, this book has hundreds of his paintings in it, and personal narrative. It’s an AWEsome book.

We also went to Target this afternoon to find my son a video game called I Love Katamari. He’s been bugging the crap out of me to get this game, and has saved up almost enough money to buy it. He’s been getting $1 for every 90% or higher he’s been scoring at school on his tests, and he’s just killing it, in all subjects. I’m proud to say that he’s kicking butt. Hope it keeps up. Anyway… we picked that up and he’s been playing it since we got back. Time to give it a rest.

Le Pere

Le Pere
Graphite and colored pencils, watersoluble colored pencils and watersoluble wax pastels.

I picked up a ‘moleskine’ pocket journal the other day, intending to bring it with me in my purse, along with some drawing tools, for quick and easy access for sketching. Well, it’s never made it into my purse, instead gracing my nightstand. I like the paper… it’s nice and thick and can take some water media. 🙂

In the pink…

My entry into Margaret Shank’s PINK Journal
(Click to see enlarged view in separate window)

Geez… the best laid plans… I saved my art projects, once again, for Sunday (thinking I could finish them up today at worst). Saturday was spent tidying up the kitchen and meal planning. I emptied out and reorganized all of the cupboards and the fridge. Long overdue. My 9-year old was to start on his room, but delayed and delayed… until Sunday came around. So first thing Sunday, I went in there and started dumping out his toy bins into the middle of the room, and asked him to start sorting through his stuff–keepers, tossers, give-aways. We barely made a dent by the time lunch time rolled around (late lunch) and so we decided to go over to Togo’s for a sandwich. We didn’t get far. Just outside the gate he face-planted, skinning his knees and hurting his arm. He fell flat onto his arm, and was crying an awful lot, complaining of how much it hurt, so here began our adventures to get his arm checked out.

Remember… this is the great U-S-of-A, land of the HMOs. So… I call the 800 number on our insurance card to see *which* hospital, if any, we can take my son to in order to get an x-ray. After getting cycled through the automated telephone answering service, I press “0” and end up getting the “call back during normal business hours… goodbye” message. Great. So I call his doctor’s office. I get the answering service and they ask for my phone number and say that the ICU nurse will return our call. We wait. And wait. We don’t want to go eat at this point, because if he’s broken his arm and requires anesthesia, then a belly full of food will not be to his advantage. And… well, I plain just can’t eat in front of my child if he can’t eat, and we’re both hungry. We end up getting a smoothie from Jamba Juice, and wait some more.

The nurse finally calls and asks us to describe what the problem is, conceding that he probably should get the arm x-rayed. So she sends us to a walk-in clinic which has x-ray facilities on-site. After waiting for a while, they tell us that because our HMO doesn’t have a contract with the on-site facility at that location for x-raying, we need to go to the *other* location… the one in Newport Beach. So we all pile back into the truck and head to Newport Beach. And wait some more. The arm finally gets x-rayed, and there’s no fracture. We leave with a slinged arm and a bellyful of Motrin. And now we’re all hungry… so we went to Claim Jumper for pizza.

In any case, by the time we got home, it’s late, and G’s room looks like a disaster area, because all of the toys are still dumped in the middle of his room, and there’s so much stuff spread all over the place that it’s difficult to even excavate a path to the bed. So… here we are, during my precious “arting” time, sorting through mountains of toys. The good news is, we got through most of them, minus his closet and a few remaining bins. We filled one and a half garbage bags with trashed stuff, and a half a garbage bag with “donation” items. Where we’ll be donating them to, I’m not yet certain, but they’ll go somewhere.

Today was better. I’m glad I had it off. I managed to finish up the pink journal, but the earth journal is not done. I didn’t realize that the post office was closed… duh! I’m not the only one to get today off as a holiday! I’m going to wrap both books up for mailing tomorrow, keeping a couple of pages from the earth journal and will send them on once I’m done. I’ve tarried long enough with the book and need to pass it along. Back to work tomorrow.