Grrr… spam(?!) on my blog…

Well, of all the things, I never thought I’d see any SPAM in the comments section(s) of my posts, but alas, there it is. No sooner had I posted yesterday’s entry did I already have two comments… I was thrilled and flattered, until I saw from whom and in what context the comments were. C’mon… a dog training site?! I now see that even the comment from an up and coming actress (or rather, one directing me to her site), must have also been SPAM. I am now removing all of the SPAM-ish anonymous posts.

ALSO… please note that no posts from non-registered users will be allowed henceforth. Sorry… hope it doesn’t inconvenience anyone… but I really don’t feel like having to deal with SPAM on my weBlog (I already have to sift through about 200+ emails, most of which is SPAM, on a daily basis)!


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