Daily Archives: 25 . September . 2005

Inching along…

Colored pencil drawing and photo tweaked in Photoshop
(Click to see final postcard view in separate window)

My peace postcard in an almost complete state. The final card has little mini-tags with p-e-a-c-e on each tag, strung together with silk ribbon and affixed to the card (the girl is holding each end of the ribbon in her hands).

I had plans to get much more done than I did, but got such little done. I spent a good part of Saturday updating a friend’s site, and so much of my ‘arting’ time was blown there. Oh how time flies…

At least we got half of my son’s ATCs done. He’s been dragging bootie on getting those done also and so I pretty much tied him down to get to work (well actually, he’s grounded from TV, videogames and computer until Wednesday). He managed to come up with some pretty cool cards, using relatively simple techniques. It’s such fun playing with art supplies with him. When left to his own devices, he does such a great job.