Weekend recap

Well… the place sparkles (sort of)… Spent part of Saturday and some of Sunday cleaning the place. I uncluttered my desk as well as my work bench. (sigh) It feels great to not be so cramped in one little space. I got many of the summer postcards completed, but still have a few left to go. Two of them are drying on my workbench. The rest have been addressed and will be mailed today. Hope they make it through the post alright. Some of them are quite “dimensional.” I have my peace postcard in pieces, each of the parts in various states of completion. The prototype should get finished sometime this week.

I was half way through my ATC project when the printer ran out of ink. Doggone printer! I just changed the ink not that long ago! I think I should have adjusted the printing for photo paper and I didn’t on the first two print outs… and they looked like poo… so I reprinted them once again with the proper setting and voila! they looked great. But then the replace ink light came on and there went my chances of getting the ATC project completed this evening. Of course, I left it all for the end of the evening.

I’m up early this morning, in hopes that I’ll manage to drag my bootie in to work on my old schedule (which was to get in to work for 6:30)-ugh! The coffee has already taken too long to brew, and I’d need to be running out the door just about now, so it’ll be more like 7:00 before I’m in the office… but I’ll still be able to take off at 3:30 this afternoon, which isn’t all that bad. I’ll aim for the earlier time tomorrow… or not… I’m liking not have to get in before the crack of dawn.

Last night I got suckered in to watching the end of Pearl Harbor (I think that’s what it was called). I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t know many of the details surrounding this event. I didn’t realize that so many people had died. War had such a different flavor back then, before the age of the stealth jet and nuclear warfare, though just as ugly and messy as any before or since. I can’t wrap my brain around war. It may have been pertinent when there was still unoccupied land to be ‘claimed’ but it makes no sense now. It is definitely not a feminine concept… we fight for our children and for survival, but not for turf.

Of course, then there is Ben Affleck’s face, which was very handsome in the movie. He is quite cute, isn’t he? I’m glad he’s found a good mate in Jennifer Garner. I hope they will have a good life together, and the tenacity to stay together, especially now that there is a child involved. I don’t care what they say… having both parents under one roof (as long as they’re not pummelling each other) is better than having to shuttle between them, though it certainly gives a person a different set of coping mechanisms, and I am only familiar with the latter set. And to have to live out your life in the public eye… now that would definitely present its challenges. Fame and fortune come at quite a high price. I still don’t quite get why the masses assume that because you’ve elected the career of being a performer automatically gives the masses permission to gawk at all aspects of your life, including the off-camera parts. It is only a job, after all.

Speaking of which… I’ve gotta run…


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