More art

Belle Papier ATC playing card series swap
The Eight of Diamonds

I was up late last night, working on this card. Okay, not really… I was watching Rockstar INXS and working on the card, and trying to get my son to finish up his homework and get ready for bed. Still, I managed to get it done, but I still have to print out the set and cut them out. Now I have the three of spades left, with a mammal theme. I already have it figured out that I will be using dolphins as mammals. I know, how cliche. I’ve never used them in my art before, so I feel I’m exempt.

It’s Wednesday already. At work I’ve been catching up on my filing… egads do I have a lot of the stuff. Piles and piles. My boss is away on a business trip, so I normally get to catch up on stuff I don’t usually get to while he’s out, but at the same time things pile up, because they are pending his review, and so upon his return I get a week’s worth of work in one day. And so begins the filing backlog, again.

I’ve been tired, too (can have *nothing* to do with the fact that I’m not getting to bed early enough _gasp_!). I’ve not been working on my story lately… it’s been about a week. I have some more art projects to complete and then I’ll be able to focus on writing without being distracted. I *have* been doing some research though, and discovering all kinds of strange phenomena in the natural world.

Well, I’ve got to get ready for work. Toodles…

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