Color Erratica Art Journal
My layouts in Margaret Applin’s straw/shades of gold book
(Click to see enlarged view in separate window)

It’s been quite the hiatus. I’ve finally finished up with the upcoming issue of Moondance (searching for art, etc.) and it is now out of my hands. I’ve been able to finish up several art projects which have been occupying my workbench, both of which are late.

The next images are of my contributions to Louise Gauthier’s book, whose theme was blue and green.

It literally was a book, and I got to do some book altering. Every time I finish a layout, I always question whether it’s any good. I feel the same about these ones. I’ve been really kind of depressed lately, about the state of things… the war… and now the flood. I dug back even further into the past, into my heritage, to find some images of the Hungarian revolution of 1956.

These entries are not “happy” ones. 😛

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